Our HR Policy

Kula Oil and Emek Yem Industry and Trade Inc. respects people. It provides a safe and orderly environment to its employees and customers. With its motto of serving, it maintains its status as a reliable and preferred company in its sector.

Our Basic Human Resources policy is to select, develop, evaluate and manage human resources according to contemporary criteria and with the principle of equal opportunity for everyone by combining the requirements of the job with the skills and competencies of the employees.

The purpose of the Human Resources Policy is to focus on the goals of the Company, to lay a solid foundation for the coming years, while maintaining the dynamic structure of the institution, making its employees happy, motivated to work, open to continuous improvement.

Human Resources management is responsible for increasing the performance of employees by creating a dynamic, open-minded and innovative environment, combining corporate goals with individual goals, establishing an effective, efficient and motivated organization, and thus supporting the effective achievement of company goals.

The human resources department aims to create a career plan that will ensure personal development in line with the company’s needs and employee capacity, by keeping the development of its employees in the forefront and organizing training programs within the company. On the other hand, it is another goal of ours for our employee profile to be a human resource that is open to change and development, has a high motivation for success, believes in teamwork and team spirit, has developed company loyalty, uses resources and time correctly, and has a high sense of social responsibility.

Kula Oil and Emek Yem Industry and Trade Inc. Human Resources does the following regarding the above objectives, targets and policies:

In line with the company’s goals and strategies, it prioritizes the personal and professional development of our employees at all levels.

By ensuring the continuous development of our employees, it continues to contribute to the Company’s goals such as “efficiency” and “profitability”.

Provides our employees with equal opportunities in the management of their careers