a growth story with labor every passing year

Kula with Years,
Kula for Years.


The most important items of agricultural products also leaded the commercial life of Turkey in those years. Our story that has begun with agricultural products purveyance trading…


Ahmet Kula, who laid the foundation of today’s Kula and is into purveyance trading, registered for trade registry at Balıkesir Chamber of Commerce in 1932 and launched his company.


Ahmet Kula enrolls in Balıkesir mercantile exchange.


Ahmet Kula decides to incorporate his foundation in the early 1960s.


The foundation which is called , Kula Yağ and Emek Yem Industry and Trade INC today started to produce crude sunflower seed oil in 1968.


Kula, which initially concentrated only on oil production, preferred to turn to investments in line with the requirements of the region and bought UNİŞ, which is one of the white shoe firms of the region, and starts flour production with the Kula Un brand name in 1980.


Enters the feed sector with Emek Feed in 1989.


Steps into a different sector with table egg production.


It goes into action in 2000 by building brood stock and incubation facilities for the production of chicks.


Kula collaborates with Karahallılar in 2003 and Bupiliç, an integrated food company, and 2K, company that operates the Tüv-Türk vehicle inspection stations, are put into service.