Bupiliç became operational as a result of the strategic cooperation established with the “Karahallılar,” who, like Kula itself, is strong in Balıkesir and has a say in the economic life of the city. Bupiliç facilities, purchased in 2003 by a two-family partnership and started operating in 2004, have a special hygienic anti-bacterial floor and air cooling system and a production and waste evaluation system. Bupiliç employs 620 people and serves both the food industry and daily consumption. More than one hundred contracted breeders raise nearly 2 million broilers for Bupiliç, which slaughters 100,000 broilers per day following European Union standards. A highly reliable company in Quality Management systems and Food Safety, Bupiliç has ISO 9001:2000, BRC, and HACCP certificates issued by Italian RINA and covering all regional directorates.