Vision and Mission


The principles that Kula Yağ and Emek Yem Industry and Trade INC takes as a goal without compromising since it was founded are protecting and promulgating the principle of respect for producer and consumer,

making no concessions on quality and secure production,

Retaining the sustainable growth process in every field such as food, feeds, oil and broiler chick production,

Promoting its place in top 500 companies in Turkey to a higher degree with a steady growth,

And enhancing the production carried out within the frame of food safety with integrated investments as always happens.


To produce clean and fresh foods whose reliability is certified for people by their right,

To protect and maintain the approval and reputation won by its approach to the consumer as well as its production,

To make production that prioritizes public health in oil, eggs and chicken, which are among the products offered to the consumption of the public,

To prioritize the health of the animals, which are the capital of the breeder and milk producer, in feed production,

To make production in line with the needs and conditions of the region,

To make environment-friendly production, protect and embrace the environment as a foundation making all its production based on soil, sun, water and fresh air.