Kula Edible Oil

The best known and prominent production item of Kula Yağ and Emek Yem Industry and Trade INC  is edible oil, which it has been producing since 1968            without skipping a beat.  “Sunflower seed oil, maize oil, soybean oil, canola oil and olive oil”, which are produced in 12.600 m² closed area located on 31.000 m² area, are obtained as a result of processing plant seeds, which are gifts of the sun and soil, with maximum care. The numerical result of this is the daily production of 100 tons of refined oil.

Kula Yağ Co. products, which are consumed in safety and willingly in many cities in our country, are also exported to many countries. Sales-related activities of Kula are carried out from Bursa District Office, İstanbul Agency and other cities’ local dealers including the center of Balıkesir.

Kula Yağ Co. owes its success to its high quality standard without compromising, its economical prices and the reliance that Turkish public places on Kula Co. This reliance is also supported by TSE and ISO 900 Quality Assurance Certificates.

Emek Yem

Emek Yem, with its reassuring quality, operates throughout Turkey, mainly in the Marmara and Aegean Regions, in the production of cattle, ovine, and poultry feed and has contributed significantly to Balıkesir, which has always been a supporter of animal breeders and producers, in becoming the first province in the livestock sector.

Emek Yem is a preferred brand in Marmara and Aegean Regions with its vast dealer network and is the leader in Balıkesir in feed production and sales.

Emek Yem has gained the trust of chicken and egg producers and meat and milk producers with the feeds obtained from natural products with high nutritional value. Emek Yem is the locomotive company of Kula Oil and Emek Yem Industry Trade Inc.

Kula Egg

Kula added Kula Egg to its production lines in 1991 and put it into operation on an area of 40,000 m². The production of the organization is 250,000 white table eggs per day.

The products are produced under the assurance of Kula and presented to the consumers in various packages in the domestic market and exported in boxes of 360.

Eggs with the high nutritional value produced by Kula Egg are obtained from healthy chickens fed with poultry feeds produced by its sister company, Emek Yem, in the biosafe chicken farm of Kula.

Kula Breeding

Kula established Kula Civciv in 2000 to realize the first step of chicken meat integration, which it put forward in search of a different breakthrough. There are breeding farms and incubation units under Kula Civciv. The eggs obtained from the mother hens kept in the henhouses on the breeding farm are sent to the incubation facilities. After the 21-day incubation period under the control of specialist veterinarians, the chicks are born. The number of broiler chicks obtained per week is 300,000.

All of the chicks are sent to the contracted breeders of Bupiliç in the partnership of Kula-Karahallılar. Chicks that grow in the henhouses, where all kinds of hygiene are provided, and biosecurity measures are taken for 45 days, reach the consumer after the processes they undergo in the Bupiliç slaughterhouse.

Kula Dairy Farm

In the Dairy Farm, one of the activities carried out under the roof of Kula, 200 cattle (cow, heifer, calf, calf, etc.) are raised.

Cattle fed for fattening and milking also support Emek Yem’s R&D research. The feeds produced in Emek Yem are first tested on this farm. The cattle raised in Kula Dairy Farm, which became operational in 1997, quickly gained the trust of meat and milk producers, as they are fed with natural products with high nutritional value.

Milk obtained from cattle fed with cattle feed of Emek Yem is sold to milk and dairy products factories in the region.