Ethics Policy

Kula Oil and Emek Yem Industry Trade Inc. has adopted the principles that form its core ethical values and form the basis of its activities:


To ensure compliance with the law,

Acting with integrity, reliability, honesty, and transparency in business relations

To provide safe, high-quality products and services by anticipating the future needs of our end users,

To work honestly and without prejudice and to compete fairly

Carrying out a fair purchasing practice by maintaining friendly relations with suppliers,

Respecting intellectual property and confidentiality of proprietary information,

To be a company aiming to have a minimum environmental impact,

To ensure the safety of our activities,

  • To treat all employees equally, with dignity and respect, to create a dynamic workplace that encourages pride and excitement,Respecting fundamental rights and differences,To carry out activities following the highest level of health and safety standards,Protecting company assets,

    Acting in moderation when giving and receiving entertainment and gifts,

    Ensuring a tough stance is maintained against illegal, anti-social, and immoral behavior.