Bu Piliç

Bupiliç became operational as a result of the strategic cooperation established with the “Karahallılar,” who, like Kula itself, is strong in Balıkesir and has a say in the economic life of the city. Bupiliç facilities, purchased in 2003 by a two-family partnership and started operating in 2004, have a special hygienic anti-bacterial floor and air cooling system and a production and waste evaluation system. Bupiliç employs 620 people and serves both the food industry and daily consumption. More than one hundred contracted breeders raise nearly 2 million broilers for Bupiliç, which slaughters 100,000 broilers per day following European Union standards. A highly reliable company in Quality Management systems and Food Safety, Bupiliç has ISO 9001:2000, BRC, and HACCP certificates issued by Italian RINA and covering all regional directorates.

TÜVTÜRK 2k Vehicle Inspection

2K Vehicle Inspection Stations Inc. is the business partner of vehicle inspection stations in Balıkesir, Çanakkale, and Tekirdağ provinces, which were tendered by the Privatization Administration and purchased by TÜVTÜRK for 20 years. It was established in 2007 with the partnership of Kula and Karahallılar families like Bupiliç. Our company contributes to the traffic safety of our country by inspecting more than 340,000 vehicles annually with nine fixed and six mobile inspection stations in the provinces and districts of Balıkesir, Çanakkale, and Tekirdağ.

Esinti Energy

Esinti Energy Production and Industry Trade Inc. was established in October 2007 with an equity capital of 20 Million TL. The company operates in the Renewable Energy Sector. Mission: Energy obtained from Renewable Energy sources is environmentally friendly and sustainable energy. To contribute to the world and our country by producing this energy. Vision: We will work to be one of the best in the Renewable Energy sector with our innovative, principled, rational, environmentally sensitive, and responsible approach.

Biogaz Energy

The project aims to collect and evaluate the fertilizers from the animal farms owned by the founding partners of Balıkesir Biogaz Company Inc. Within the project’s scope, 95 tons/day of waste will be converted to methane and electricity.

Kent Enterprise

Aiming to convey the rich history of Balıkesir to the future even more strongly, Kent Enterprise opens the doors of a brand new life. With the Yaşam Kent project, Kent Enterprise redesigns life in Balıkesir for you. This project makes common dreams come true and brings a new face to the city while raising your living standards beyond your dreams.