Olive tree is called the “eternal tree” in Mediterranean legends. The humankind has literally attached itself to the olive tree ever since the ancient times both for the fruit and oil of this tree, thereby gaining health, beauty and taste. As an olive paradise, Turkey is a territory where best quality olive trees are grown, notably in the Aegean, Marmara and Mediterranean regions. The first olive oil producers worldwide were the residents of Balıkesir,while the Altınoluk-Edremit-Ayvalık region is known as the “golden triangle”owing to their olive oil production. Being the product of processed olives, a real miracle of nature, Kula Olive Oil reaches the table in its purest form and preserving its taste thanks to the expertise of Kula. Olives that are picked carefully from olive trees growing in their natural environment on the Aegean hills, are processed with the same care and are pressed and bottled hygienically without any additives and without going through any chemical processes. At Kula, two types of olive oil, Natural Extra Virgin and Riviera, are produced to appeal to all taste buds.