Kula Stud

Kula Civciv was established in 2000 by Kula following a search for a different investment to realize the first step of chicken meat integration. There are broiler farms and a hatching unit under the roof of Kula Civciv. Eggs, obtained from the brood stock in the poultry houses at breeder farms, are sent to the hatching facilities. Following the 21-day hatching period, chicks are born under the control of specialist veterinaries. The number of broiler chicks obtained per week is 300.000..

All of the chicks are sent to the contractual breeders of Bupiliç, which is a Kula- Karahallılar partnership. The chickens that complete their 45-day development in poultry houses that meet all hygienic requirements and have biosafety provisions, reach the consumer after being processed at the slaughterhouse of Bupiliç.