From past to present…

Kula Yağ ve Emek Yem Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş. (Kula Oil and Emek Feed Industry and Trade Inc.), with its business life and historyreaching back to the development thrust during the initial years of the Republic, is an establishment that has made significant contribution to Turkish economy and manufacture, notably in the Marmara Region. Kula’s history is rooted in the 1930s, an era where the most important items of agricultural products governed the business life of Turkey.

Ahmet Kula, who laid the foundations of today’s Kula back in those years and was engaged in the purchase and sales of grains, made his trade registry entry with the Balikesir Chamber of Trade in 1932 to launch his business. In 1959, he registered at the Balikesir Commodity Exchange Market.

In the early 1960s, Ahmet Kula decided to incorporate his business and founded the Ahmet Kula and Sons Partnership in 1963. The company known today as Kula Yağ ve Emek Yem San. Tic. A.Ş. started to manufacture raw sunflower oil in 1968.

Having focused its business activities exclusively on oil production in the beginning, Kuladecided to turn towards investments in line with the needs of the region and purchased UNIS, a long-established company of the region, in 1980 to start flour production under the brand name Kula Un (Kula Flour). In 1989, Kulaentered the animal feed sector with Emek Yem (Emek Feed). Later on,Kula entered a different sector with the manufacture of table eggs in 1991 and established a brooding and breeding plant to start chick production in 2000. Kula collaborated and joined forces with Karahallılar in 2003,followed by the establishment of Bupiliç, an integrated food company, and 2K, a company operating Tüv-Türk vehicle inspection stations.

The fundamental principle of Kula Yağ ve Emek Yem San. Tic. A.Ş. having 206 employees for the time beingis “respect for the supplier and the consumer”. Kula being acknowledged as one of Turkey’s largest 750 companies year after year is proof enough of the company’s tremendous efforts to perform its production activities without the least compromise to service or production quality, taking advantage of its knowledge and due diligence gained over the course of many years. What fills us with even more pride is that, thanks to the self-devotion of all companies operating under the umbrella of Kula, the sense of work and service peculiar to Kula has set an example for so many enterprises.


  • To protect and extend the principle of “respect for the supplier and the consumer” that Kula has not compromised since the day it was established,
  • To make no concessions regarding quality manufacture,
  • To make permanent the sustainable growth process which the company embraced in the food, animal feed and broiler chick production,
  • To move up in the list of top 750 companies of Turkey through steady growth,
  • To improve its productions that have been carried out in compliance with food safety regulations at all times by means of integrated investments the same way as ever before.


  • To produce food primarily for human consumption as hygienic, fresh and reliability certified as well-deserved by every person,
  • To preserve and maintain the esteem that the company has gained through not only its production but also the approach towards its consumers
  • To make productions with particular priority attached to public health for items such as oil, egg and chicken that the company offers for public consumption,
  • To attach particular priority the animal health during feed production since animals are the capital of the animal breeders and milk producers,
  • To make production according to regional needs and conditions,
  • To produce in an environment conscious manner, while preserving and embracing the environment as a company all productions of which take their roots from the soil, sun, water and clean air.


  • KULA respects people. It provides a safe and orderly environment for its employees and customers. It maintains its being a reliable and preferred company in its sector with the consciousness of serving.
  • Adhering to the importance of ethical values and to be honest as a principle to be a leading brand in the sector has adopted the principle.
  • Employees adopt and implement ethical, honest, and egalitarian communication style with their customers and suppliers on the basis of excellent customer satisfaction in accordance with their corporate values.