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Bu Piliç

strategic cooperation, formed between Kula and Karahallılar, which is also a prominent and leading family in the economic life of Balıkesir. In Bupiliç facilities, which were bought by the two families in 2003 and became operational in 2004, there are production and waste utilization systems in addition to the special hygienic antibacterial floor and air cooling system.

Bupiliç, where 620 people work, serves both food industry and daily consumption. More than 100 contractual breeders grow almost 2 million broiler chickens for Bupiliç that carries out slaughtering 100.000 broilers in European standards, every day.

Bupiliç, which is a very trustable company with regards to Quality Management System and Food Safety, has ISO 9001:2000, BRC and HACCP certificates that cover all regional administrations and are issued by Italian RINA.